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NAMI – NSV                                Family to Family Classes


Free Education Program


For Family members, caregivers, and friends of adults living with:

Major Depression – Bi-Polar Disorder (manic depression)- Schizophrenia – Panic Disorder – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Co-occurring Brain Disorder and Addictive Disorders

What do I do in a crisis?  How can my relative or friend and I communicate better?
What are all these medications for?   What local services am I missing out on?
How do I take care of myself in all of this?  Where can I find some answers?

This program is a series of 12 weekly classes structured to help family members, caregivers, and friends understand and support their ill relative while maintaining their own well being. The course is taught by trained volunteer family members who know what it is like to have a loved one with a mental illness.

Information & resources – Emotional Support – Coping Skills & Self Care – An Informal Setting


Currently there are no scheduled dates for upcoming classes. For more information on upcoming classes, call 540-533.1832 or email:


NAMI Basics is a class for parents and other family caregivers of children and adolescents who have either been diagnosed with a mental health condition or who are experiencing symptoms but have not yet been diagnosed.

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Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders in your community

Anyone, anywhere can be the one to make a difference in the life of someone with a mental health or substance use challenge – if they know what to do and what to say.


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